First night of SWP, first boss down.

Illidan the Betrayer killed, BT 9/9

On the 2nd night of attempts, we were able to kill illidan on our 3rd try. Big grats to the whole team, you did awesome!This means BT cleared in less than a month and already on farm.

Now our focus will be on gearing up people so we can start SWP progression.

Illidan, we are coming for you!

The final gate has been breached, our way to Illidans hideout is open!


Being the reward of great effort and a even greater community, we've managed to clear T6 content up to Illidan in a very short period of time.
Since the day we started running full guild groups for every raid, bosses have been dropping left and right on our way through Kael & Vashj, Mount Hyjal and up to Illidan.

Congratulations to everybody who was participating in those achievements, may our progress continue like that!


Some impressions:


And a quick overview on our raiding progress so far:


23/05/2016 - Ceiling couldn't hold us, neither the illidari council. tasted some blood elf tears. Illidari Council down - 8/9

16/05/2016 - Three faces werent enough, big mamas attempt to seduce us failed. RoS and Mother Sharaz down - 7/9
(our last council try was a certain kill but died to rollback-calibur, rip in pizza)

10/05/2016 - New grounds, new victims. With boiling blood we wiped out a couple of bosses. Bloodboil down - 5/9

09/05/2016 - Sent Archimonde back to where he belongs. The Battle of Mount Hyjal? Won!

02/05/2016 - Lady Vashj sleeps with the fishes. T5 content - check.

18/04/2016 - Kael'Thas Sunstrider is dead. Tempest Keep cleared!



ZA timed VOD & recruitment

Our member Ricecake did a VOD on yesterdays ZA timed run, enjoy!


Also a few words on our current recruitment situation:

We are still looking for reliable, dedicated members to start raiding progress with us. Currently we are looking especially for:

- 1 Mage
- 1 Rogue
- 1 Moonkin
- Healers, especially Priests and Shamans

We are currently full on Hunters, Warlocks and Tanks.

No more trolling

Yes we indeed killed him, some people were just too quick on leaving so we had to do the screenshot there. Steps are steps afterall, right?
The frog is a photorealistic display of Dishys contribution to the raid. (Just kidding, we love you)

 ZA 6/6, on to new coasts!

Atleast our raiding is better than our screenshotting...

Today we had our first adventure into Zul'Aman, the 10 man raid located in Ghostlands. After some starting problems it was quite the swift run and we managed to make it through to Hex Lord Malacrass whom we killed on our 2nd try. Thanks to everyone participating in the raids and of course also to everyone who contributed via farming bufffoods, flasks or oils for it.

To everyone that wasn't able to participate tonight, either because of time or not getting a spot in the raid: Dont worry, this is only the start to something great.

ZA 5 out of 6

Big gratz to Yuuki on his new items.

Welcome to Epsilon Guild

Epsilon Guild is greeting you!

Epsilon is a newly formed European PVE guild on the World of Warcraft Server Excalibur. Our aim is to conquer the TBC endgame raid content in a friendly yet focused environment. We do not want to be a hardcore guild raiding most of the week, but we want to spend quality time. Right now we are a small but close knit bunch of veteran players and motivated newcomers.

What are we looking for?

We are looking for friendly, self motivated members of all classes and ages. It is required to read tactics and prepare yourself for raids, although the occasional detail for special encounters will be explained obviously. The Guildbank helps with raid preparation such as flasks and bufffood, but in return you have to contribute to it (farm mats, gold, etc.). We are looking for a certain level of motivation and skill, you should know how to handle your character and figure out how to itemize it properly. You do not need to have high level gear but please be ready for Karazhan and heroics. Also show us that you are willing to improve your gear outside of guildraids (heroics, crafting, enchants, gems).
If you already have the gear to raid T5 or even further and want to help us establish a strong core, you are of course welcome aswell.

Please notice that we do not invite anybody to the guild before checking him/her out in a chat and a heroic dungeon or raid.

We have a new homepage that launched just yesterday, feel free to throw us a message here!
There are no rules or standards about applications yet so just write whatever you want to tell us.

If you have any questions, contact either Jinara or Nurine ingame.