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28 January

And we go UP UP UP - 4/6 SWP - Twins dead!

Jinara 2 Comments

Epsilon is 4/6 in Sunwell now - also: goodbye Fattycheese!

Nothing much to say except thank you Fattycheese for being a loyal member to the guild for the past couple months. Thank you for sticking with us through weeks of no progress and pugging BT because we couldnt fill the raids. You have always been a very important member and the door will always be open when you return one day.

Good luck in the army and take care mate, we are not only losing a great player but also a friend. You will be missed!

Or as race 1 class 4 Greeknight would say, dont let them shoot you Malaka <3

15 December

Back in Action!

Jinara 1 Comment

After more than a year of inactivity, recruitment, core building and farming BT, we proudly present:

Epsilon is back in Action!

Well done team, let's kick some bony dragon ass!

15 October

Welcome to Epsilon Guild

Jinara 0 Comments

Hello Everybody and welcome to Epsilon Guild!

We are a not-so-new raiding guild on the Excalibur TBC 2.4.3 server. Our Journey started almost a year ago when Nurine and Jinara founded the guild, aiming to become a progressing but laidback raiding guild.

After a few months of recruitment we quickly earned our spot by clearing T5 content in less then a month, followed by an Illidan kill about a month later. Unfortunately tho, we had to give up SWP progressing after the summer of 2016 as most of our core vanished, seeking new adventures in real life or other games. What remains is a Kalecgos kill in our very first night of Sunwell Plateau...

Old stories aside, we are now going strong again. People are coming back, new people are joining and our raiding roster will be complete again soon. You want to be a part of that? Join us!

We are always seeking dedicated raiders that still remember WoW is just a game and real life always comes first.

Some facts, rules and numbers:
- raid days are on Thursday and Sunday, starting at 19:30 servertime
- be in time, prepared, have your consumables, enchants and gems ready
- we use TS3, so have a working client. you dont need to speak but its highly appreciated!
- we are trying to maximise our raid times so dont be afk unless pauses are called
- providing drums to the raid is a big plus

You're interested? Head to that recruitment window and smack the "Apply" button or message us ingame!

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